Recently, a close relative of mine in the UK has had their driveway re-done, and it looks fantastic! Without some trouble, mind you, so to make sure you get the best price and for your new asphalt driveway!

Most people would agree that parking your car on the street does not feel as safe as parking it on their driveway. Indeed, many would admit that leaving their vehicle in the open may cause them to feel a lot of stress. In any case, paving hot asphalt in front of their homes would not do it. After all, it would be better to have a good-looking entry with a kerb for aesthetic reasons.

Well, how much does an asphalt driveway cost UK? Asphalt can last for up to 20 years. However, it can cost you between £30 and £100 per M2. Depending on where you live and the type and colour of your excellent driveway, you may have to shell out quite a lot.

Fret not, here is a short guide for you to learn the ins and out of good paving services to save your hard-earned money as well as possible.

How Is An Asphalt Driveway Installed?

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Residents trying to get their driveway paved should understand the installation process. Not only will they get how much does the asphalt driveway cost UK, but they will avoid scams and unfair quotes. Of course, checking the paving contractor’s history is always recommendable.

Before you can wonder how much does an asphalt driveway cost UK

For one thing, the paving contractors must inspect the area where you want to build a driveway. Mainly because of the driveway legislation, which requires you to request permission if:

  • drainage in the area is less than optimal
  • the driveway will take more than 5 m² in size
  • you have no functioning soakaway, kerb, and drainage channel

Some buildings cannot even have a driveway without a permit. So, always check with a planning consultant for the best results.

Finding Friendly And Professional Driveway Paving Contractors In The UK

Skilful installers can make an asphalt driveway from scratch within a day, including dropping a kerb. However, the asphalt will need up to a month to harden perfectly. So, the contractors must consider many factors like the weather and the base quality of a previous driveway that may need repairs.

It is always best to hire an efficient team of experts that apply for planning permission and walk you through the installation. And the most efficient teams usually carry out a free inspection to understand your needs.

Depending on your goal, they may offer you a cheaper tarmac alternative. But the most crucial aspect is how the company explains the methods they use to create a quality road surface because the tools they use are just as critical as the overall plan.

Paving An Asphalt Driveway

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The perfect pavement requires an effective supply chain. For convenience, we can split the whole process into:

  1. Manufacture and transport of the material-asphalt, in this case
  2. Site access
  3. Interlayer bond coat application
  4. Paving best practice

1 - About The Asphalt Quality

The quality of the material depends on how the asphalt is mixed, stored, and then delivered to your home. On the flipside, unnecessary delays will reduce the quality of the asphalt. This is why some driveways wear off faster than others.

Storage is the responsibility of the contractors. As a result, only the professionals mix the asphalt on-site because the others prefer to cut some expenses and use other ways. As the buyer, you can agree and set for high specification products to be used.

For the same reason, you should pay attention to any visual quality issues, such as uncoated materials inside the asphalt mix they use. Mainly because these defects may affect insulation level and permeability.

2- Making Room To Work

If the installers cannot work freely on the area, poor joints and compaction signs will pop. For the same reason, they may end up using too much bitumen, causing a poor surface finish and visible load ends. The latter issue happens when they do not have enough space to apply the necessary forward motion when paving.

Be sure to hear the contractor’s explanation before you request the company’s services. How they plan in advance because of the season and other factors will help you guess the expertise level of the person in front of you.

3 - The Reason Why You Get Different Quotes From Varying Contractors

Quality is always the reason why a service costs more than another. In this case, the quality of the asphalt, base, and binder matter.

Although you will have many options to choose from, your choice will affect how long the driveway will last. Installing a new aggregate base may be the best option. But it will increase the final cost. Usually, up to £100 or more per m².

The lack of long-term performance of the new driveway may cause a safety issue over time. In the end, the bigger the driveway, the highest the quality material and paving service you should get.

4 - Optional Services

Installers may provide a high-quality finish by using professional machinery. In most cities, the average price for an asphalt driveway is anywhere between £50 and £60. But you may want to consider extra services like annual cleaning and sealing. As repairs may add up to an extra £200-400 per year, always ask for maintenance services.

Sometimes, you can get a low price when including such services with your installation. Besides, the chances of the company making mistakes during the paving process will be much lower. The paving crew are responsible for the finished product. So, know your guarantee before you make the deal!

The Bottom Line

The most appealing asphalt driveway cost UK can offer depends on several factors. And a gorgeous driveway can cost you around £60 per m². However, not every outdoor space is the same. So, make sure the contractors explain their design point of view before proceeding. As buyers, we should also check that the asphalt has porous qualities to reduce any water build-up at the end of the work.

You may have a massive amount of colours to choose from when contacting the right contractor. Then again, your new driveway will last for decades. So, make sure to get one you absolutely like.

Now that you have all the information you need with getting your asphalt driveway installed, why not head over to our blog section and read up on some of our other helpful articles covering bedroom decor ideas and how to restore old mid-century furniture!