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Toronto Vintage Furniture

With all of the renovation and gentrification going on in Toronto lately, there is a lot of architectural salvage. Often times builders throw away original features when they are doing up a home renovation, or a Hotel might throw away vintage dining chairs.
We think this is a crime and are here to rescue that furniture. We do have items on sale in our store, from fireplaces to chairs, to light bulb fittings.
If you want a more designed look, you can consult with is to fit some choice items into your home.
We also have a range of vintage French chairs (find out more in our blog) .

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Check out our latest finds in store. We also sometimes post them online so keep your eyes peeled for the latest items. 

Vintage Beds

Stylish vintage beds found in Toronto

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Yiou have the option to get your items upcycled

Vintage Chairs in Toronto

Find some classic design in our store

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