With the prices of buying a home ever-increasing, more and more people are finding themselves looking into or opting for the renting route, in order to finally have a space that they can call their own.

Unlike in the past, people are now choosing to live in rented properties long term. A housing choice for many, this includes couples, families and retired individuals

The problem with living within a rented property, however, is the lack of freedom they give the tenant when it comes to decorating the space that is now their home. While it is unlikely there will be any major differences made, it’s still nice to make the space feel as though it is theirs, so it will feel more like a home. Not to mention with so much inspiration and modern decor trends around, a tenant will enjoy putting their own individual stamp on their home. 

We have put together a list of top tips on how best to turn a rental property into a home. If you are looking for someone else to redesign your apartment, check out our plans on apartment redesign Toronto.

Using Colour

Colour is one of the easiest ways to personalise any space in the home. Whether it be to show a bright personality or love for crisp whites, colour is the best option. However, in a rented space, permanent colour in the form of paint is often not allowed and often forbidden by the landlord. 

Therefore, consider adding a splash of colour through furnishings instead. Focus on pillows, ornaments, rugs, frames and artwork to throw some colour into the living space. A neutral wall can offer the perfect backdrop for any colour, whether it be a dramatic blue hue or vibrant yellow. 

This format of adding colour will let someone be as daring as they like, as the items can be easily removed when leaving the flat, while letting their personality come through, making the space feel more homely.

Adding Plants And Flowers

Another way to add character and personality to a living space is through the addition of both plants or flowers. House plants are a popular addition to homes. With the increase in minimalist home design, house plants can create a focal point, while cleaning and improving the air within the room. 

The best part about houseplants is the versatility they have. If surface space is unlimited, then a floor standing plant can be purchased, or hanging baskets that can hang from the edge of curtain poles to avoid any holes being made in the walls. 

The plants are not only a decorative point, but bringing nature inside can add an airy and fresh feel to a room, while making a pleasant and structured area. 

Using Textiles

Going back to simplicity, using various layers of textiles and materials is a sure set way to make any space feel personalised. 

From scattered velvet cushions to a faux fur throw, textiles not only add personality but comfort too. Focus on accentuating what is already in place. Boost the mood of an old sofa with brightly coloured pillows or pair with a matching velvet footstool. Or bring romance into the space by layering silk table runners over your old dining table, finished with tall wax candles to create a relaxed feel.

The possibilities of using textiles are endless, but will indefinitely make the space feel far more personalised.  

Use Large Rugs

Another top tip for giving a room a homely finish, particularly if the floor is letting the room down, is considering a rug of your choice. 

It has become a stereotype for most rentals to have a cheap layer of laminate flooring, or dull, dark carpet running through the halls. And, changing this can be pricey. Not to mention the problems faced when trying to hide new flooring from a picky landlord. 

Therefore, the simplest and most cost-effective way around this issue is to add rugs. These can be any colour to portray whichever personality chosen, all while covering the unattractive flooring. 

The best thing about rugs is that they can simply be thrown out across a space, bringing in warmth and comfort. Then, can be rolled up and taken away when they are no longer wanted. All, with absolutely no permanent damage created. 

Light up the area

It goes without saying, that light is an indefinite way to make any space seem brighter. Lighting is one of the best ways to create atmosphere and can turn even the dullest of homes into ambient, lively spaces.

There is a vast amount of options to choose from when it comes to lighting a personal space. From freestanding floor lamps, ceiling pendants, or wall pieces. Each of which can be selected based on the freedom given in the rented space. If it is harder to attach more permanent structures to the property, then opt for lamps, tea lights, or lanterns. Or, if there is a chance to add fitted fixtures, find a ceiling light to entice guests and create the perfect warming atmosphere.  

Get Creative With The Walls

For the average homeowner, re-decorating the walls of the interior is very simple, with the opportunity to just add a different coat of paint or re-vamp with new wallpaper. However, when living in a rental, a unique way of decorating needs to be thought about.

One thing that is becoming increasingly popular with the modern home or rental owner, is the use of wall stickers. These are a removable form of artwork that allows any space to be personalised, with even the most intricate designs being made possible. The stickers are simply placed on the walls in whichever way suggested, and are then removed when needed. 

With the stickers being created in an array of colours, styles and art-pieces, there is a design for everyone. Not to mention this process is very much affordable, perfect for the younger tenants that want to customise the dullness of a white wall. 

Invest in storage

One thing most rented properties lack is storage. Not having places to put the miscellaneous items can lead to the creation of unattractive mounds of clutter, and can ruin the atmosphere of the property. 

With a vast majority of homeware stores supplying all types of storage, there will most definitely be something to suit every rented property. One of the best things is that almost all storage is floor mounted, meaning that no permanent wall damage is done. This also allows a tenant to be as creative as they wish, and bring storage into the home that fits their personal style and specific needs.

Chest of drawers, bookshelves, or even shelf inserts between wardrobe storage, there are many choices to suit any situation.

Deciding to leave the nest, and invest in rented property is a big step in a majority of lives. 

With our home being a safe space and a place to hide away from the dramas of the outside world. However, when renting, a number of challenges must be faced, such as how to turn this space into a home, rather than just a place to rest.

Without the freedom to decorate as they seem fit, but following our tips, any rented property can instantly be transformed into a customised and personalised area that screams comfort and homeliness. 

Focussing on the semi-permanent accessories for the home is not only a cheaper way of re-decorating but will also keep any landlord happy, with no damage to paintwork, walls or flooring. This also makes the process of moving forward in life far easier, as each object can be simply rolled up and placed in boxes with no mess or fuss. 

By sticking to our suggestions, any landlord will be blessed to have such a respectable tenant, and your years and experience of renting will be an enjoyable one. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!