Have you ever given serious thought to the decor in the place where you sleep? You spend a good deal of time there after all. Admittedly, most of that time you are not actually conscious, so you might think that it doesn’t matter that much. But interior designers and psychologists understand the importance of the feel of a room and how it can affect our mood. You might write off your bedroom as just a place where you crash for the night before launching into the next day. Perhaps it’s time to look again at some bedroom decor ideas that will make it a better, happier space? Who knows, it may – even subconsciously – bring about a change of atmosphere that will improve your mood, and the quality of your slumber.

boy in decorated bedroom
boy in decorated bedroom

The importance of color

It may seem obvious, but going too dark can bring an oppressive, closed atmosphere, whereas a lot of brilliant white lends a clinical, sterile air to a room. Choosing the right balance can be a challenge but it isn’t impossible. Advice on what colors to use is so freely available and plentiful that it can be overwhelming. As a general rule, bold colors should be used sparingly to bring contrast. Lighter, pastel colors are ideal for bedrooms, but there is always room for darker shades, as long as they are broken up by blocks of other colors to lift any sense of heaviness.

Other than this, it is really up to you to choose what color scheme you will be happy with.

Inspired by Nature

Bringing the outdoor world inside is nothing new. But as modern life marches relentlessly onwards people often feel that they are moving further away from the natural world. By using wallpaper with a plant or floral print, or by placing more houseplants within the bedroom you can allow a better sense of connection with nature. Houseplants also improve air quality, acting as natural filters. Wooden bed frames, wall hangings, and artwork can increase the sense of the organic. Earth tones and natural textures add to the feel of a place that has been inspired by nature. This encourages a feeling of safety, security, and stability that grounds us, helping us to awaken feeling calm but energized.

Switching off

It is a known fact that electrical sockets emit an electromagnetic field that can affect us. And our bedrooms are sometimes filled with gadgets; TVs, hi-fis, games consoles, and so on. We sleep with our smartphones charging beside us. Worse still, some of us have them under our pillows.

More and more people are getting away from this idea by removing excess electrical gadgets and sockets.

Consider making your bedroom an oasis where you can escape from the bustle of the modern world. along with its buzz of high-tech gadgetry.

Fill the space with good-quality soft furnishings and luxurious fabrics. Use textures and textiles to create a warm, cozy space in which you can relax.

Go minimalist

Minimalism is one of those trends that comes and goes – often passing most of us by. But it as more people try to ‘declutter’ their lives, the bedroom is one place where minimalism is making a welcome return. Reducing the amount of furniture, or replacing bulky furniture with simpler units like this mirrored furniture by Homes Direct 365, brings an open, airy feel. Keeping the space clean and tidy, clear of mess and clutter, will increase the atmosphere of peace and calm. Not everyone believes in the discipline of Feng Shui, but there is a certain amount of common sense within its principles. Minimalism, when applied properly to your bedroom, can improve your mental well being and bring restful, peaceful sleep. And if space allows, try the growing trend of moving your bed away from the wall to allow the space to flow around it.

minimalist decor
minimalist decor

Bedroom decor ideas will always go through changes in fashion and taste, Our bedrooms are often neglected spaces in terms of decor and design. But that is all changing as people are reclaiming this room and making it their own. Maybe it’s time to look at some bedroom decor ideas for your home and create a space that will improve your mood, your sleep, and even your life.